Musicmatch has informed its customers that iTunes for Windows renders its Matchbox Musicmatch inoperable with the iPod.

In an email to customers the company said: "We want to alert you to a serious software conflict caused by iTunes for Windows. Apple iTunes for Windows prevents Musicmatch Jukebox from working with the iPod by deleting critical files used by Musicmatch."

Musicmatch claims that customers can still use its jukebox program to synchronize with Apple's iPod, as long as they do not install iTunes. The company gives instructions in the email on how to uninstall iTunes.

Musicmatch spokeswoman Jennifer Roberts told Cnet: "Once Apple said we are going to be developing iTunes for Windows, we knew that we would be competing with them. But we did not expect that Apple would unilaterally disconnect its software from the iPod. We expected the customer to make the choice, not Apple."