URL Manager 2.6, the newest revision of the popular URL Manager Pro bookmark-management package is available now. It’s compatible with both Netscape and Microsoft's browser packages, with support for other browsers too. The shareware software features address manipulation and memory facilities unavailable in the built-in bookmark managers.

The US$30 URL Manager Pro, is designed to collect, maintain and access large collections of URL's. It can handle Web page addresses, e-mail accounts, FTP servers, and Telnet hosts. It works as a drop-in replacement for your bookmarks, favourites, address book and so on, you can access information from URL Manager and save information to the package from within your chosen Internet application.

V 2.6 is supplied with a tutorial. Registered users can access the new guide in Acrobat format. The package also sports a Sherlock facility, so a user can utilise the "Internet co-pilot" to search a their hard disk for words. Another revision is the Add Bookmark command, which, with the Add Notes menu item checked, lets you create a bookmark to your folder of choice through the new folder popup menu button. Support for Apple's new "Keychain" feature is also included. The software fits onto a floppy disc, and 500 "bookmarks" take up about 50K. This solution might suit people who need to use their addresses on more than one computer - home, work and internet cafe, for instance.