Business analysts are joining the chorus of industry speculators claiming Apple will introduce a new small form-factor Mac at Macworld Expo in the New Year.

It is also being reported that Apple seems set to face unprecedented demand for its Macs in the coming fortnight, as consumers move to the platform in droves.

UBS analyst Ben Reitzes last night raised his price target on Aple stock $35 to $235 per share. He observed that checks in Apple retail stores showed demand for Macs to be outpacing demand for computers generally this season.

Reitzes wrote clients to let them know of his expectation Apple will introduce a small form factor ultra-portable Mac at Macworld Expo.

Similar claims as to the new portable Mac emerged from Piper Jaffray, where analyst Gene Munster wrote that Apple's thin, light laptop will be between 11-13-inches in size (the same size as a present generation MacBook.

Munster predicts the device will host a 64GB flash drive, and may even feature multi-touch technology, similar to that of the iPhone.