Macromedia launched its FlashForward 2001 event today and announced that Flash content will now be viewable using Pocket PCs.

The company will release an extension for Flash developers today which will export Flash content to PocketPC-enabled devices, including the Casio Cassiopeia, Compaq's iPaq and the HP Tornado. The export update is available for download from Macromedia.

Jonathan Harris, Macromedia's Web products manager, UK and Benelux, said: "We hope this will launch a new wave of useful Flash." He added the feature has been designed to be "swiftly downloadable and as accurate as possible".

Allaire merger Macromedia representatives also confirmed that the merger with Cold Fusion developer Allaire is to go ahead in the last week of April.

Harris also said that Shockwave 3D development continues. This uses Intel's 3D technology and was first seen at Macworld Expo, New York, 2000. Harris added: "We have held this back a while to ensure that the development environment and the player are robust and cross-platform."

Apple's forthcoming QuickTime 5 player will feature more robust integration with Flash. In an advance briefing, Macromedia reps demonstrated the ability to edit a Flash-created presentation in the QuickTime Player.