NEC-Mitsubishi has launched a wide-angle 18-inch TFT display, the MultiSync LCD1830.

The TFT monitor offers a resolution of 1,280-x-1,024 dpi at 60Hz, has a contrast ratio of 300:1 and can display a palette of 16.77 million colours.

The LCD1830 boasts a screen size equivalent to a 21-inch CRT monitor. It provides a flicker-free display and a six-colour axis control that individually adjusts basic printing colours - including yellow, magenta and cyan via the on-screen menu. This achieves an exact colour match between the monitor and printer, according to the company.

Pixel spacing of 0.28mm permits both a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees. Other features include a dual input to connect to two PCs. The 1830 costs £899 and has a three-year pan-European warranty.