Telecom GB is offering round-the-clock flat-rate unmetered Internet calls and local telephone calls.

Two deals are available – users can either pay a monthly fee of £9.99 and enjoy unmetered Internet and local calls, or pay £5.99 a month for unmetered local telephone calls. Both deals are round-the-clock.

Cut off Telecom GB is giving five free email-addresses and 10MB of Web space to each subscriber. The services are available throughout the UK. The drawback to Internet subscription is a two-hour cut-off point. The browser will also disconnect if left idle for five minutes.

Local calls are those made within a 35-mile radius. Telecom GB claims its national call prices are cheaper than British Telecom’s. User’s keep their phone numbers and are charged by their existing provider for line rental.

National calls are charged at 3.95p per minute during the day, 1.95p per minute in the evening, and 1.5p per minute on the weekend.

Itemized A box connection routes calls via Telecom GB. Monthly bills are itemized for free and payment has to be made by direct debit. Billing is per second.

Telecom GB is an Internet Service Provider and Carrier, licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry and Oftel. To subscribe to its offer visit