Companies that create in-flight entertainment solutions for airlines have been talking to Apple about integrating iPods into their services.

They have also been attempting to negotiate a way in which travellers can buy the songs they want from the iTunes Music Store in-flight, possibly taking songs in exchange for air miles.

Flight International reports that in-flight systems company Thales' general manager Brad Foreman said: "We've had lots of discussions with Apple. The key is to get them to see the value of hosting iTunes on an aircraft. Is it a big enough market for them to be interested in? I'd try to do it tomorrow if they said yes."

Panasonic Avionics strategic product marketing director David Bruner has also been in discussions with Apple.

Bruner remarked that while it would be a small market for the California company, it would be a "highly visible" one.

Some carriers want to build iPod docks or USB ports into the back of seats, allowing passengers to listen to and recharge their iPods in-flight.

Others want flyers to be able to buy songs from iTunes that will be directly downloaded to their iPod, but this would require some significant re-engineering of iTunes on behalf of Apple.