Flip4Mac has released a Universal version of its Windows Media solution for QuickTime and Macs.

It's a significant release because Microsoft isn't developing Windows Media Player for Macs any more. It now has a deal with Flip4Mac to provide software to make unprotected files work on a Mac.

Flip4Mac WMV Components lets Mac users play Windows Media files using QuickTime and view Windows Media content on the internet using Safari. However, the software doesn't allow for playback of right-protected Windows Media files.

It also lets users play, import, and export non-rights protected Windows Media video and audio files within native QuickTime-based media applications such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

Telestream confirmed it was developing a Universal version of its software in April this year at the National Association of Broadcasters event (NAB). Until now the solution has only worked in Rosetta emulation on Intel Macs.