DCP Systems has announced Fluid Mask, a new cut-out tool for Photoshop.

Fluid Mask, the company claims, "literally cuts out objects from an image file in as little as 30-seconds". DCP claims the solution to be 50 per cent faster than competing solutions.

The software is a boon for layout artists, as the solution offers users precise controls to help them get the part of the image they need, using an 'Image Information Layer' which offers boundary, texture and colour information.

Users can also adjust the resolution of a cut-out, and users may mask selections for cutting out at pixel level for precise control of the results. Colour palettes for colour-based mask selections are processed in real time, and the publishers claim the solution will happily cope with complex shapes, such as trees, bicycles, vegetation, for example.

Fluid Mask requires: Photoshop 6: a G4 or higher Mac at 833Mhz or faster; Mac OS X 10.2.8 and 512MB RAM. A free evaluation copy of the software is available for download online, and a Windows version of the product is scheduled to ship "later this year".

The product costs £299 (excluding VAT).