Forbes has attacked Microsoft's claims over security in a report favouring Mac OS X by default, at least when it comes to security.

The report looks at Microsoft chairman Bill Gates' recent bombastic claims that hackers find a new flaw in Mac security on a daily basis.

It also points out that Apple's latest 'Get A Mac' ad, Security, was released the night before Gates spoke about Vista at a security conference.

Apple's ad features the Mac and PC characters trying to make conversation while anything PC says is vetted and controlled by a CIA-like security feature, who asks PC to approve or deny each exchange.

The ad represented Apple's belief that the latest security measures Microsoft has put in place for Vista are overly complex and intrusive for PC users.

Microsoft has also recently been taken to task for confusing customers by releasing Vista in too many varieties, with different licensing restrictions on each version. This has been widely reported as confusing not just customers, but also people sellling Vista in retail outlets.

To make matters worse at Microsoft, security experts at Virus Bulletin this week revealed the first major security hole in the Vista OS, which has been five years in development.

It appears Windows Live OneCare failed a virus-detection test while running on Vista.