Apple’s delayed OS X is beginning to spell trouble for the company, according to a recent article.

The article states that Apple, unlike Microsoft, cannot afford to keep customers waiting for an OS upgrade. says: "The availability of OS X is a critical release that Apple needs to refresh sales on its existing hardware, and to hold on to its new-found position as fashion consultant to the PC industry."

Analysts interviewed for the article state that if Apple is to meet a target $10 billion plus revenue, the company must deliver its products on time. Michael Silver, a Gartner Group analyst, says: "Apple needs to get new shrink-wrapped software out the door without years of delay, no matter how hot its machines are."

Apple’s delay in delivering Mac OS X, and the slow drop in sales of its current crop of machines, is beginning to worry analysts. Apple needs to maintain its momentum, and continue to innovate, in order to drive sales and maintain its position within the industry. Indications are that announcements made at the Macworld Conference and Expo, New York, could be vital to the long-term future of the company.