Formac has announced two additions to its Designer Series storage range.

The Designer DVD RAM drive ships later in July and offers 9.4GB (double-sided) or 4.7GB (single-sided) on removable cartridges.

This hot-swappable FireWire drive offers read-only support to a variety of formats, including DVD-ROM, DVD-R, a variety of CD-ROM formats and video CD. It will read and write to DVD-RAM, and requires Mac OS 9.04 or higher.

Formac is also launching the stand-alone Designer DVD ROM FireWire drive, which offers 12x DVD-read speeds and 40x CD-read speeds. It will ship in August and cost £129.

This unit offers CD-read speeds of 40x and DVD-read speeds of 12x. It supports multisession disc-writes and CD-ROM, CD digital, audio CD, CD extra and video CD formats.

Formac's general manager David Clarke said: "The DVD RAM allows you to work and administer files at hard drive speeds.

"The DVD ROM is ideal for Macintosh users who have purchased a desktop machine without built-in DVD-ROM.

Both products ship with Formac's proprietary ProDisk disk-management software and a FireWire cable. The DVD RAM ships with a 4.7GB cartridge and costs £419. Both units ship with one-year warranties.