Several key Extensis products have been sold to a new software development company run by former Extensis employees.

The Extensis company and brand was sold to Japanese firm Celartem in 2002.

Now, Celartem has announced its sale of many Extensis-developed assets to onOne Software.

The following products have been sold: pxl SmartScale, PhotoFrame, Intellihance Pro, Mask Pro, PhotoTools, and QX-Tools Pro from Extensis.

Celartem has also sold the Genuine Fractals product from its other creative brand, LizardTech. Extensis and LizardTech will continue to support these products until July 31, 2005 when onOne Software will take control.

Celartem CEO Carlos Domingo observed: "As onOne is comprised of several former Extensis employees, we cannot think of a better home for this product line."

Celartem is retaining the Extensis-developed Portfolio, Font Reserve and Suitcase products, which join its own GeoExpress and Document Express as elements of its digital content management solutions..