Fortune magazine has taken the chance to look at the Intel chips and Apple rumour that's led the news agenda so far this week.

Columnist David Kirkpatrick speculates that Apple CEO Jobs may hope to "win over more Mac converts", simply by switching processor supplier.

Kirkpatrick refers back to January 2003, when Intel's CEO Paul Otellini told him how much Intel would like to :"have Apple as a customer". Fortune magazine this year also interviewed Jobs said that some PC manufacturers have approached Apple asking to carry OS X on their retail computers.

"Fortune has learned that Apple, Intel, and several PC companies already have OS X working on Intel chips in their labs," he writes.

Listing Apple's advantages: Windows users looking for less bug-ridden computing experiences; Mac OS X and the "signature tech device", the iPod.

He points out that Intel's chips offer low power and low heat, "especially for portable computers".

He speculates that the discussions with Intel may simply be an attempt to acquire leverage over G5-supplier, IBM.

Intel's critical involvement in manufacturing WiMax and wireless USB chips doesn't get a mention in this report.

Kirkpatrick concludes: "If you were Jobs, wouldn’t you want your legacy to be a company with a 20 per cent market share – or more - rather than one with only 2.3 per cent?"