Fortune Magazine has declared Apple's G5 iMac as the "best electronics product of the year".

The magazine's effusive in its praise for Apple's creation, describing it as "an engineering marvel". The product wins high praise because it integrates the speakers and computer within the display.

Fortune calls this advance "as welcome as the day that VCR/DVD players were encased in the TV monitor box".

Apple's consumer desktop has won high praise since its debut in September. An early product review in PC World gave the machine a five-star review, declaring it a "design coup", and observing, "it's about time they designed a computer like this". An article in TechNY said the product "sets a new standard for compact desktops".

Last month, the Washington Times awarded it 'Computer of the Year' status.

iMacs cost from £919 (including VAT) for the 1.6GHz iMac G5 with 17-inch screen. This model's equipped with a Combo drive and 80GB hard drive.