Adobe is shipping FrameMaker 7.0 in the UK.

FrameMaker is Adobe’s XML-based authoring and publishing solution. It’s custom-built for creating long documents and reports, and its use of XML technologies makes data easily updateable. This version also integrates the HTML publishing features that used only to be available as an extra-cost option, reflecting Adobe’s focus on network publishing to any device.

Ease of use This latest version includes structured authoring-tools for both XML and SGML (previously available as a separate purchase). The product also benefits from a new WYSIWYG word-processing interface – so users need not have XML coding experience to generate XML data.

The application supports templates, so single-source documents can easily be published to multiple channels, Adobe says. Templates exist for PDF, print, Web, eBooks and PDAs. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) can also be integrated into documents, so Web versions can feature high-quality vector graphics.

FrameMaker 7.0 desktop version is £655 for the full product, with a special upgrade offer of £250. The company’s FrameMaker Server lets companies automate and personalize the publishing of data-driven content to multiple channels. FrameMaker Server costs £5,809.