Adobe faces renewed pressure to develop Adobe FrameMaker to OS X.

FrameMaker is much loved by technical publishers and sees a lot of use in the production of technical guides.

FrameMaker for OS X campaigners claim Apple itself still uses FrameMaker (running in Classic) to create its technical guides.

Mac-using FrameMaker fans have been using the application in Classic mode, but Classic isn't supported by Intel Macs. Apple's move to Intel closes FrameMaker users from the application they need to use.

In response to this problem, a petition demanding Adobe port FrameMaker to OS X has been relaunched. The campaign website offers a petition and a downloadable letters that can be filled-in and sent to Adobe.

FrameMaker campaigner Paul Findon said: "Apparently, after putting all of its efforts into Acrobat and Creative Suite for the last few years, Adobe has reevaluated its portfolio and is reinvesting in FrameMaker. The first evidence of this was the September release of FrameMaker 7.2 for Windows and Solaris. Adobe has also said that if the market for Mac FrameMaker changes and there's an opportunity, it will respond."

Findon needs help maintaining the pressure, saying: "If you haven't already written to Adobe, I urge you to do so now. Even if you have already written, please write again."

Adobe discontinued FrameMaker for Macs in March 2004, saying that limited demand for the product on the platform made it hard to justify development costs.