The independent campaign to convince Adobe to offer a Mac OS X version of its FrameMaker product continues, with 2,500 Mac users signing the petition so far.

Campaign organiser Paul Findon told Macworld UK: "I submitted the petition to eight Adobe executives when it had around 2,500 signatures and will submit an update soon. The petition has had an effect, but we'll have to wait and see."

Findon has also launched a new mailing list for FrameMaker users in the form of a Yahoo Group.

Adobe chose to discontinue Mac development for FrameMaker in March this year, offering current users complementary and fee-based technical support until April 21, 2005.

The company described the decision as driven by "market conditions and trends the company was noticing with its FrameMaker customers." Windows users accounted for the majority of the product's sales.

"It's really hard to justify FrameMaker development on a business level", the company said.