4D UK has announced 4D 6.8, the newest version of the company’s database-development environment, for Mac OS X and Windows XP.

The update is available free to all currently registered 4D 6.7 users, and those developers who purchase and register 4D 6.7 by May 31. It’s available for download now from the company’s Web site.

The new version lets 4D customers migrate their 4D applications without modifying any underlying code. It includes an integrated TCP/IP network component, a new contextual-menu interface, and other features, including easier plug-in administration, and new commands and constants.

Rob Wylie, general manager of 4D UK, explained: “4D 6.8 protects the investment of 4D developers, takes advantage of the technology advances in these new operating systems, and has some great features to enhance 4D-development.”

Ease of use The update also delivers reinforced security-protection for component-code. New user interface elements (apart from Aqua support) include floating, dockable toolbars under Mac OS X, and support for the Apple Viewer for online help menus on the Mac.

The company designs, develops, publishes, and distributes the award-winning 4th Dimension database and application-development tool. This lets developers create different database solutions for different needs – such as simple content-management systems and electronic product catalogues, or multimedia asset-management systems.

Full version on this month’s Macworld CD The full version of 4D 6.5 Standard Edition is included on this month’s Macworld CD (on-sale now). Unfortunately, we missed off the Web address for you to obtain the serial number. You should visit www.4duk.com/macworld.html to obtain it.