BBEdit has announced PDF-Blit 1.0, a free plug-in that allows PDF documents to be output directly from Bare Bones Edit.

PDF-Blit 1.0 programmer Kas Thomas said: "PDF-Blit 1.0 adds powerful PDF output capability to BBEdit, so that users can, for the first time, output richly formatted PDF documents straight from BBEdit. PDF-Blit will also automatically send Apple Events to make the user's PDF file open in Acrobat Reader, launching Reader if it's not already running."

He added: "I call it PDF-Blit because it can launch and display work in Acrobat Reader."

Other features include: page margins; support for 12 fonts; leading; text colour; auto page-numbering; and HTML-tag interpretation.

BBEdit revealed that around 6,000 downloads of the plug-in have been registered since its launch late last week.