NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta will soon be released. It will be available through the NeoOffice Early Access Program from 2 August.

NeoOffice is the main development project for making to run natively on MacOS X. It is a free software port of to the MacOS X platform.

NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 4 was released. This release is based on the 2.0.2 code last weekend. It includes all of the new 2.0.2 features.

NeoOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, database and macro functionality. It can be used as a free alternative to Microsoft Office:Mac. You can exchange documents with Microsoft Office and users, even on other platforms!

The software uses a combination of Cocoa and Java to make a truly native open source office suite. The final release will offer native Aqua menus and a host of other system-specific features.

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