If you're ready to take advantage of free time and BT's lower call rates, here's a few hot, shareware downloads for you.

Free fonts? Look no further than Typographer.com, a new typography online magazine resource, offering some very attractive, professional fonts at no charge.

If icons make you're heart beat faster, visit the Icon Factory. Icon Factory specialize in offering cool, free icons to jazz up you're desk top. They have hundreds to pick from at their site.

Games-wise, you don't need to look much further than Ambrosia, who offer some of the finest productivity-killers in the shareware universe. Also worth a visit is fun little game, Snood. Snood is an arcade game that combines elements of old obsessionals like Brickies, Space Invaders and Tetris. Variable difficulty levels keep it interesting and the game offers diverse types of challenge - ideal after the festive fun.