Nikon has introduced a new version of its Nikon Scan software – Nikon Scan 3.1.3 – that's designed for Mac OS X.

It will ship with scanners later this summer, but is available as a free download to all Nikon Coolscan owners.

Nikon Scan 3.1.3 provides integration between Mac OS X and Nikon's current line of film scanners – the Coolscan IV ED, Super Coolscan 4000 ED and Super Coolscan 8000 ED.

ICE and Aqua According to Jerry Grossman, vice president of marketing for Nikon, the software gives Mac OS X users all of the advanced imaging capabilities and restoration functionality available in Nikon's film scanners, including Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICE3 applications – a suite of digital-enhancement tools for colour correcting and enhancing images.

Digital ICE3, which works within the Nikon Scan software, combines three image-correction tools – Digital ICE, Digital ROC and Digital GEM – that correct surface defects and enhance images, reconstruct original colour and equalize and manage grain details in film.

The Coolscan IV ED is an entry-level scanner designed for photo enthusiasts who are looking to digitize images to send by email, design Web pages or archive and catalogue them.

The Super Coolscan 4000 ED is a high-performance desktop film scanner for producing large-volume scans. It features an optical density of 4.2D and a resolution of 4,000dpi. The Super Coolscan 8000 ED is a multi-format film scanner capable of scanning a variety of film formats, including 35mm, 120/220, 16mm, slide glass and electron microscope.