Apple and the Times Educational Supplement (TES) have joined forces to offer UK schools a free copy of QuickTime Pro (worth £25 inc. VAT).

QuickTime will be included on a CD published with TES in its February 8 edition. The CD is called "Picturing Literacy - Digital Resources for ages 8-14". The CD includes Mac and Windows installers for QuickTime, clips from major movies, including ET, War Games and Pixar's Monsters Inc.

A range of classroom activities (in PDF format) is also on the CD. "These resources outline the reasons why and how digital media can be integrated into the curriculum, and provide practical examples for use in the classroom," Apple explains.

The collection includes resources for teachers, showing them how to use QuickTime Pro to create and edit their own digital content using still images, video and audio. The idea is that teachers will be able to use Apple's cross-platform QuickTime technology as an educational resource, and each school can upgrade to QuickTime Pro for one licence for free. The offer ends March 28, 2002.