Quark may keep its promise to furnish a "non-punitive" upgrade path to XPress 6.0 for Mac OS X, according to a MacFixIt report.

However, this deal will only extend to certain users of XPress, 6 will be a paid upgrade, Quark has confirmed.

The report claims Quark is offering new buyers of XPress 5.0 a free upgrade to version 6.0 (which will support Mac OS X and Windows XP) on its release.

MacFixIt has published a promotional email it claims came from Quark. The email also hints that the application may ship "within weeks".

Quark says: "Visit Quark's Web site during the coming weeks to learn more about the new features of QuarkXPress 6.0, and how they can make your job easier."

Hinting at new features, the report states XPress 6.0 will offer "an intriguing new way to manage complex projects".

Update: Quark sources have told Macworld: "Members of ServicePlus will receive a free upgrade to XPress 6, as will some customers who received a special 'upgrade to 5, receive 6 free' offer, but otherwise QuarkXPress 6 will be a paid upgrade. Quark has not annoucned pricing yet."

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