The US's most notorious computer hacker Kevin Mitnick left the Federal Correctional Institute at Lompoc yesterday. He hopes to go to college to study computer technology.

Judge Marianna Pfaelzer set the terms of his probation to prohibit Mitnicks use of computers, software, modems, and a host of other high-tech equipment.

Donald Randolph, Mitnick's attorney said: "If you read it literally, he would probably have to stand in one place for three years." Randolph and his client are now engaged in attempts to persuade probation officials to allow access to computers so Mitnick can pursue college studies.

Mitnick was caged for five years last March. He was accused of causing millions of dollars of damage through hacking into various computer systems and stealing software, plans and more.

His early release is due to the four years’ jail he served while awaiting trial. He has been on probation before, when he went underground to continue hacking, evading recapture for three years. It is because of his previous record that Mitnick faces such severe limitations under his probation. Most agree that they limit his future employment opportunities, as a world-renowned expert in his field.