Freeserve announced on Monday that it will begin a trial offering high-speed Internet access to UK users from November.

From November 22, the ISP (Internet service provider) will offer high-speed Net access using British Telecom’s ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) platform, Freeserve said in a statement.

ADSL technology allows high-bandwidth data transfer - including Internet access - over ordinary copper telephone wires already in place in homes and businesses. It is asymmetric because the speed of the usually large amounts of incoming data to the user travel faster than the typically smaller amounts of outbound information. ADSL also allows simultaneous use of the telephone on the same line for voice or other applications.

Freeserve will use the technology to offer constant connections at fixed prices, eliminating metered call charges and the need to dial up, the company said.

Pricing details have not been announced, but BT previously announced a plan to charge service providers between £40 and £150 per month for each user they wish to connect.