UK-based software publisher Softpress has updated its Web-design application Freeway to version 3.5.5.

The Freeway 3.5.5 updater will be free of charge to registered owners of full versions of 3.x. Freeway allows users to create Web sites without having to write in code. This makes it a good tool for designers, educational users and small businesses, Softpress claims.

The update offers performance improvements and new features. For instance, Freeway can now accept drag-&-drop elements from asset-management tools, including iTunes and iPhoto.

The product is a Web-site creation tool. It allows first-time Web designers to immediately create functional sites without coding.

Font fillip Version 3.5.5 offers better handling of TrueType and Type-1 fonts, the ability to use and manipulate compressed Flash files, improved support for non-Roman languages, and reduces Freeway document file sizes.

Other features include: better Illustrator import, faster FTP upload, interface enhancements, improved Mac OS X interoperability, and support for Photoshop 7.0. It also includes: seven file formats, import and export plug-ins and has been localized for French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The application costs £150 (ex VAT). Upgrades cost £54. Discounts for educational institutions and multi-user site licences are also available.