The French government will vote on a new copyright bill today. If the bill is passed Apple may stop selling music in France, according to Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg .

As well as a €38 per offence tariff of fines to be levied against file-sharers, the bill also contains measures that could force companies using DRM to publish details of their systems in order to legistlate for interoperability.

The concept is that a consumer should be able to buy tracks using any service they like, and be able to play them on any device.

The vote comes after the National Assembly, France's lower house, last week approved amendments to the online copyright bill.

Analysts have predicted that Apple may withdraw from the French market if the bill is passed, though Apple has offered no statement on this.

If the bill passes today’s vote it will be considered by the French Senate for its last reading and vote. The last process could take weeks.