In what could be a landmark deal, US iTunes customers can look forward to buying a new TV show, "Scrubs", through the service.

The show isn't owned by any one company because it is a joint project between NBC Universal and the Walt Disney-ABC TV Group. The series will be made available through NBC's pages on iTunes, as the network broadcasts the series.

Competing firms regularly produce shows for each other, but this is the first time two rival media companies have worked together in a digital download deal. Revenues are expected to be split on a 50-50 basis.

"Hopefully, this will open the door to make available more shows that we don't own," said NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker.

In related news, the US National Football League (NFL) is renegotiating its internet licensing deal which expires in May. Apple is in negotiation, but it's a competitive framework for the deal – Google, Sony, Yahoo and others are all at the table, according to CBS Marketwatch.