Apple is to expand its software range, promises the company's chief financial officer Fred Anderson.

His comments, reported by Dow Jones, came as he spoke at Tuesday's Goldman Sach's Technology Symposium. Mac users "are going to see more and more software coming out of Apple", he said.

Anderson reiterated Apple's aim to expand its market share. The company's "intermediate" goal is to increase market share to five per cent (it is currently three per cent). Apple is targeting revenues of $8 billion annually, up from today's $5.7 billion.

Speaking to analysts critical of the cost and relative success of the company's retail strategy during Apple's financial call in January, Anderson said: "We view retail as our key strategy to control the point of sale, and to reach out to Windows users and convert them. It is a key strategy to drive growth."

He added: "We are not going to mortgage the future for short-term monetization - Apple is an innovation-based company. We're going to keep investing through this downturn, and continue to move our products and distribution channels ever further ahead of our competitors. When the economy rebounds, we will be positioned for growth."