Google has published its 2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist.

The iPod was the most-searched-for product on Froogle this year.

Froogle is Google's product search engine and shopping directory. It assists consumers with locating products for sale online by presenting photos of relevant products.

Not only did the iPod figure at number one in the list, the iPod mini was at number four, the iPod shuffle at number eight, and the iPod nano at number ten, despite it being launched in September. The term MP3 player figured at number three.

Second in the list of Froogle top searches was the term Digital Camera – one of the hottest Christmas gifts this year (second to the iPod, of course).

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) was the number five most-searched-for item on Froogle, followed by the Xbox at number seven. Laptops were the sixth most-searched-for items, and at number nine was Computer Desk.

Apple also figured highly on Google thanks to the popularity of the iTunes Music Store. iTunes was the sixth most-searched-for on the US version of Google. Rated more highly than Sky News: Green Day and Leonardo da Vinci.