A linear RAW converter for Mac OS X 10.2 – CRW-X – has been released by Frostplace.com.

A free application, CRW-X, converts Canon RAW image format (.CRW or .TIF) picture files produced by a wide range of Canon digital cameras – including a number in both the Canon PowerShot Series and EOS Series - into Adobe Photoshop, Portable Pixelmap, or Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format files.

RAW is the data that comes directly off a camera's charge coupled device (CCD). It is an import or export format rather than a storage format. This data is typically 8, 10 or 12 bits per pixel.

Canon doesn't offer a Mac OS X-native solution for photographers who take pictures in the RAW image format and wish to convert them into other image formats.

CRW-X is a 288KB download.