Celebrity Mac evangelist Stephen Fry took a chance to praise the computer platform once again Saturday night when he presented the BAFTA awards.

A report on Empire Online confirms that flavour of this year's awards was Peter Jackson's triumphant movie "Return of the King".

Empire reports what happened during the awards. The revelation of Fry's pro-Mac outburst sits at the end of the piece. A technical hitch occurred causing a monitor to malfunction, the show had to grind to a halt for five minutes. In response, Fry said: "They should have used a Mac – PCs are useless".

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In August 2003, Fry's Mac collection included: a G4 Power Mac, a G4 Cube, three iMacs (one old style and two new 800MHz iMacs with combo drives), and 800MHz and 500MHz Titanium G4 Powerbooks.

Fry said: "I own the third Macintosh ever sold in Europe. Douglas Adams bought the first."