Celebrity Mac user Stephen Fry last night used the popular British TV chat show V Graham Norton to evangelize the Mac platform.

Norton began his interview with Fry by asking: "You're a big fan of computers, aren't you?"

Fry answered: "Why have you got a PC? When I came here during your previous series you had a lovely Mac, and now you've gone for that ugly, disgusting, repulsive operating system called Windows."

Their exchanges then ran:
Norton: "Well, it was a Mac screen, but it was always a PC."
Fry: "It was? You twat. Why?"
Norton: "Yes, it was always a PC. I think there is a reason.'
Fry: "Why? You've got enough money, I mean, it's not as if they're that expensive, and they are so much better."
Norton "Are they?"
Fry: "Oh Christ, yes."
Norton: "I don't have a Mac anywhere."
Fry: "Foolish yourself."

Actor, novelist and humourist Fry also explained how he is currently directing and editing his next movie entirely using digital processes on Macs.

Thanks to all the Macworld readers who sent in transcripts of the show.