Fujifilm has announced the first consumer- and professional-digital cameras to use the company’s groundbreaking Super CCD Technology.

The consumer model, the FinePix 4700 ZOOM, delivers a 4.3 million-pixel image file (2,400-x-1,800 resolution), while the professional FinePix S1 Pro offers an image file with 6.1 million pixels (3,040-x-2016).

The high image resolutions are a result of Fujifilm’s Super CCD Technology. The Super CCD has larger, octagonal-shaped photodiodes, arranged at 45-degree angles. This increases sensitivity, improves signal-to-noise ratio and offers a wider dynamic range, according to Fujfilm.

The FinePix 4700 ZOOM, also offers shutter speeds of 1/2000 second to three seconds, an adjustable ISO sensitivity of 200/400/800, and a 3.7x optical zoom. The FinePix S1 Pro has four shooting modes, five exposure modes and five program modes. Both cameras are USB-compatible and ship with 16MB SmartMedia storage card.

The FinePix 4700 ZOOM will ship in the US in April, while the Pro camera will be available in June. UK availability has not been announced.