Fujifilm has introduced a new digital camera, the MX-1700 Zoom, featuring the company’s new groundbreaking 3x zoom mechanism.

The camera has a similar design to Fujifilm’s MX-2700, with its 1.5 million pixel CCD and lightweight aluminium casing. However, the major improvement is its eight-element, eight-group lens, which is electron-beam coated, to give sharp, flare-resistant images.

The MX-1700 is the first digital camera of its class to incorporate an all-glass aspherical lens - made with a newly-developed glass-injection mould process. This technique allows Fujifilm to manufacture the lens en masse.

Other features include an automatic flash with slow sync mode; a manual mode, for adjusting white-balance and exposure compensation; and automatic playback, with up to 4x digital zoom and a digital 2x telephoto mode.

The camera will be on the shelves in the UK in October. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.