Fujifilm has announced the @xia ix-100, a 1.3-megapixel, digital camera.

The camera takes still digital-images, and can also capture movie clips of up to 90 seconds. The @xia ix-100 can also be used as a webcam, using the USB cable supplied with the unit. It ships with a 4MB SmartMedia card for storing images.

Equipped with a 2x digital zoom, the camera also has a video output facility (with slide show function) and a Macro mode for close up shots. Maximum resolution is 1,290-x-1,024 pixels, with a basic resolution of 640-x-512 pixels.

The company is aiming the product at first-time buyers and entry-level consumers.

The £119 @xia ix-100 ships with PhotoImpression 3.0, QuickTime 5.0 and the My ix-100 camera driver for Macs. Windows alternatives to these also ship with the unit.