Fujifilm has announced the three-in-one FinePix 40i digital camera, due for release in August.

Along with traditional digital camera functions, the camera will include MP3 playback and a limited video-camera facility.

The lightweight (210 gram) camera is powered by a 2.47m pixel Super CCD, delivering a interpolated output resolution of 4.3 m pixels (2,400-x-1,800). It has a built-in auto-focus lens. FinePix 40i has a 1.8-inch, 110,000 pixel, LCD display for picture preview.

The MP3 player has built in encoding software to protect music copyright, and offers a maximum of 80 minutes audio playback on a 64MB SmartMedia card, headphones are supplied.

The FinePix 40i can capture up to 80 second bursts of movies, using Apple’s QuickTime software. Up to six minutes of video can be recorded on a 64MB SmartMedia card.

The camera is equipped with a USB port and cable, and comes with Adobe’s PhotoDeluxe v3 software - rechargeable batteries and a charger are also supplied. The camera can play up to 150 minutes of music, or capture 220 pictures on one battery charge. Available in either blue or silver in the UK, the camera costs £600 (including VAT).