Fujifilm has revealed two new cameras, the FinePix S6500fd anf the FinePix F20.

The FinePix F20 is an entry-level 6.3 megapixel compact camera that works in low light - it will snap images at ISO levels of 1,600 or higher, the company claims. It has a sensitivity of ISO 100-2000, making it "five times more effective at capturing detailed, natural-looking images in low light than a conventional compact", the company explained.

The camera keeps a similar body shape to that of the FinePix F30 camera. It offers a 0.01 second shutter lag and 1.4 second start-up times and a 3x optical zoom. It will record TV quality video at a rate of 30 frames per second.

Intelligent flash

An intelligent flash system that compensates for blurred or stark flash-illuminated pictures by balancing the colours out; a natural light and flash dual shot mode and a 300-shot battery life also feature in the new camera. The camera ships in September, when pricing will be announced.

Fujifilm has also introduced the FinePix S6500fd digital camera, which has built-in hardware based Face Detection technology to enable the camera to recognise faces and optimise settings to get the best photograph in just 0.04 seconds.

Face detective

The Face Detection technology aims to help get good portrait shots even when snapping moving subjects. It uses an algorithm, which recognises eyes and a mouth to lock on to faces in the frame. Coping with up to ten faces in a frame, it optimises settings such as focus and exposure level before taking the photo. Face Detection can identify a face irrespective of its position in the frame or the composition of the shot, and is not confused by spectacles. Movement tracking means the camera stays locked on the subject until they move out of the frame.

The camera auses Fujifilm's sixth generation, six megapixel Super CCD sensor and Real Photo Technology II, class-leading ISO 100-3200 sensitivity and Fujinon 10.7x (28-300mm equivalent) optical zoom lens.

The camera also features Fujifilm's Intelligent Flash system, which automatically balances flash power output and exposure for both foreground and background. It also features a High Speed Shooting Mode with rapid focus and a shutter lag of just 0.035 seconds. Price will be revealed in October, when the new camera ships.