FujiFilm has launched the FinePix 50i multimedia digital-camera.

Less than an inch wide, this digital camera sports a new iMac desktop download-cradle, audio recording and voice captioning. The camera also has a brighter LCD screen than its predecessor, the 40i, and features an MP3 remote control.

The 50i has a 2.47-megapixel Super CCD sensor, which can deliver an interpolated resolution of up to 4.3 million pixels. The camera is equipped with an autofocus lens, the equivalent of a 36mm lens on a 35mm film camera. A 1.5-inch 110,000 pixel TFT (thin flat transistor) LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor assists image capture in sunny conditions.

The camera has a built-in MP3 player that offers "CD-quality" playback. Song titles are displayed on a silver remote control. The £424 digital camera also has a digital-video capability, capturing 80-second bursts of AVI (audio video interleaved) Motion JPEG action, the company claims.

A voice recording function has been added to the this latest digital camera, recording up to six hours of audio on a 12MB SmartMedia card, according to the company. There is also a facility for voice captioning, which records audio descriptions for individually saved images.

The camera's cradle permits its use as a webcam for video-conferencing. It also automatically recharges the camera's Lithium-Ion battery.