Fujitsu today announced it is offering the first samples of FCRAM (fast cycle random access memory) chips - a new type of memory chip targeted at high-performance applications.

The first example of the technology, which was detailed by Fujitsu in 1998, is a 64Mbit memory chip with a DDR (double data rate) SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM) interface. Running at clock speeds up to 200MHz, the chips have a data transfer rate of 400Mbps per pin. The data transfer rate is at least twice as fast as the speediest DRAM chip currently on the market, Fujitsu said.

The new chip is the first of several being planned by the Tokyo-based electronics maker, each of which will be targeted at a particular market, a spokeswoman for Fujitsu said. This first chip is aimed at the graphics and multimedia market because of its high performance, she added.

Fujitsu said it is developing the chips because it sees a need for different types of memory chip - each developed with a specific application in mind - as being increasingly important as computer systems are used for more diverse and demanding tasks.

The new chips are available in sample quantities, with prices starting at US$25 per chip. The company plans to offer enhanced versions, with greater capacity and higher speeds, in the second half of 2000.