Apple has revealed that it restricted full iPhoto functionality to the US and Canada to prevent news of the product leaking prior to CEO Steve Jobs' keynote.

"Until the keynote, we knew as much about it as you guys," Apple UK and Ireland product manager Nigel Fowler told a Macworld Expo UK press briefing yesterday.

The option to order prints and albums online from within iPhoto is unavailable outside of the US and Canada. "It was felt that by providing this solution globally news of it would leak out," Fowler revealed, adding that Apple "is very interested in implementing this service in Europe".

Asked when, Fowler said: "Most of us only found out about the application on Monday night. There's a lot of work to do."

iPhoto users who have iTools accounts in the US can order prints and iPhoto-authored albums by using the same One Click system licensed by Apple from Amazon for its online Apple Store.

Ordering from iPhoto takes users to Kodak Print Service. Asked if Apple would use Kodak for a similar service in Europe, Fowler said: "We are still looking for a partner in Europe."

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