Microsoft has published the full transcription of its Mac Business Unit manager Kevin Browne’s speech regarding the company’s continued relationship with Apple.

The speech was delivered at a special press conference at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View, California. During the speech, Browne promised more products for the Mac (with the exception of Access, Microsoft’s databasing application).

Other announcements of note include: an update for Office v.X in May or June; an Internet Explorer update; a Palm conduit for Entourage; a re-vamped MSN Messenger application for Mac; and tighter integration with devices such as PDAs in Mac products. Microsoft expects to ship the next version of Office for Mac in mid-2003.

The speech also looks at how Microsoft will furnish Macintosh users with access to .Net services as the company rolls these out.

The published transcript includes the extensive question-&-answer session that followed the speech.