We've collected our favourite weird, amusing and bizarre Apple stories from 2012.

What a strange old year it's been. Apple fans have seen some exciting developments, from the iPhone 5 to the iPad mini, but there have been plenty of Silly Season stories, hoaxes, jokes and weird tales. We've collected together the best of the weirdest for your amusement below.

Steve Jobs doll selling phones in New York This was the first of a number of Steve Jobs dolls that launched and then quickly disappeared this year...

Steve Jobs doll

Top 10 hybrid gadgets to rival the toaster-fridge - As Apple CEO Tim Cook tries to explain that convergence isn't a good idea when you are talking about combining laptops and tablets, and toasters and fridges, we look at some other examples of convergence. 

iPod and toilet paper holder

Angry Birds Land theme park opens in Finland - Has anyone actully been to Angry Birds Land? Will anyone eatch the film when it launches in a few years time? 

Boy pisses on 30 MacBooks - well, what else would you do with 30 MacBooks? 

Fan has Apple museum in his garage - unfortunately not Steve Jobs' garage, now that would be something!

One in ten men prefer iPads to women: poll - except that Siri now talks back... 

Mango flavoured iPhone 5 now available - Yum! 

Mango flavoured iPhone 5

You can now smell like a new MacBook Pro - smell different? 

Charges brought after Chinese teen 'sold kidney to buy iPad' - not so much funny, as what the hell is wrong with the world! 

iPhone saves 2-year-old stuck in well - clever iPhone 

Apple's Jonathan Ive features on new Sgt Pepper album cover - Bit like Where's Wally. Sir Jonny also got knighted this year. 

Jony Ive Sgt Pepper cover

Apple sued over glass door injuries - people are walking into the glass windows in Apple Stores... Damn those window cleaners! 

Russell Brand arrested for iPhone rage - we'd have loved this story even more if it was due to his frustration with Siri. 

Tesco cannot be legally forced to honour £50 iPad sales, lawyers say - shame for those who had ordered cut-price goodies.

Hairdryer tribute to Steve Jobs - because Jobs would obviously have benefited from a hairdryer. 

Steve Jobs hairdryer  

Android users more likely to take phones to the loo than iPhone, BlackBerry owners - iPhone users never go to the toilet. Fact. 

Penguin abandons Apple in anti-monopoly book fight with US DoJ - We just liked the idea that it was an actual Pengiun. Made us chuckle. 

Detailed Steve Jobs figure set to ship this month, but will it get banned? - Yep, another one. Creepy pics below!

Steve Jobs figure collage

Apple applies to trademark leaf, stop use with whips, dog whistles and umbrellas - because you can imagine that eveyone will want to use the leaf part of the Apple logo. 

Apple leaf

Stolen iPhone snaps photo of woman using it, sends it to owner - poor girl miay not even be the one who stole the phone...

Lost iPhone stolen

End of the world is nigh: Apple investors cash in shares - sure to be buying a few spaceships. 

Apple 'starts swapping physical landmarks so they match Maps' - we've heard it on good authority that they are planning to move the Eiffel Tower. 

Apple takes ownership of Lightning from Harley-Davidson, Thor - Next step, the sea, Possiden is gearing up for a battle. 

How to jump Apple's customer service queue: swear - try it with Siri too, it's good for a laugh. 

Oprah tweet praises Microsoft's Surface tablet... from her iPad - if it was an Android tablet it would have been from the bathroom...

Burglar unintentionally films robbery on iPhone being used as a torch - did he then accidentally share it on YouTube? 

Steve Jobs wax figure on display at Madame Tussauds - Doesn't the guy calving the model look a bit like Steve Jobs? 

Steve Jobs at Madame Tussauds

BlackBerry RIM releases cringe-worthy 'Dad Rock' video response to iPhone 5 - this is Just.So.Bad it's good. 

Watch: Thieves crash car into Apple Store - Don't get any ideas now! 

Lady Gaga to Little Monsters: 'start asking for IPADS FOR XMAS!!' - Good advice from the lady who dresses in bacon. 

Man who used Find My iPhone accused of 'trespass via radio wave' - the burgler tries to claim his human rights are infrunged, or something like that. 

iPhone 4 prototype selling for $10,000 on eBay - if you've got the cash, a nice bit of Apple history.

iPhone 4 prototype

Thief stole Macs, iPads, and Sodastream from Jobs' house - perhaps he was thirsty? 

Samsung designer was inspired by 'bowl of water' not Apple - seriously! 

'2001: A Space Odyssey' can't be used as evidence in Apple v Samsung case - Hal and Siri exchange a high-five. 

Florida woman's iPhone overheats and melts floor mat - Feeling hot hot hot!

Melted iPhone

Macworld's Simon Jary is star of Microsoft versus Apple Joy of Tech You know you've made it when you appear in The Joy of Tech. 

Simon Jary in Joy of Tech

Fancy a deep fried MacBook?  Look! The screen still works! 

Apple Macbook deep fried

Mitt Romney misspells 'America' in his iPhone app Can't say Damn You Autocorrect!

Mitt Romney's iPhone app

Doctor under fire for using iPhone as torch in miscarriage procedure - Probably using an app to tell him how to preform the procedure...

Key locations revealed in Steve Jobs tour - the perfect stalkers tour. 

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Karen Haslam contributed to this report.