Apple's International English (IE) operating system users continue to be excluded from the beta testing of QuickTime 5's Public Preview 3.

Apple released QuickTime 5 Public Preview 3 yesterday - but the beta of it's multimedia standard is only available to US OS users. The release of QuickTime's Public Preview 2 also neglected IE users.

When Apple launched Preview 2 it took Preview 1 – which included the IE version of the beta – offline, though this has since been changed and Public Preview 1 was available for download once again yesterday.

QuickTime 5 will feature a new user-interface and support for skinning, which allows users to create their own look-&-feel to the QuickTime Player. There will also be additional codec (compression, decompression) standards, and QuickTime 5 will have tighter integration with Mac OS X.

The preview can be downloaded from Apple's Web site.