Adobe will not support Mac OS 9 within the next major version upgrade of Photoshop, MacCentral reports.

The new version of the industry-standard image-editing application is expected to be introduced in autumn, the report claims.

The release of Photoshop for OS X was expected to attract many of Apple's professional users to the platform. However, industry watchers suggest that Quark's reluctance to move to OS X served to inhibit this aspect of the migration. This meant many users stuck with OS 9, as Quark is more stable on Macs booted up in OS 9 than in Classic.

With Quark for X expected and an OS X-only version of Photoshop on the horizon, creative professionals wanting to use the applications will have to move to the new OS, the report says.

The move to abandon support for OS 9 is expected to be emulated by other developers, partially because it reduces development and support costs.