Future Power has demanded that Apple retracts its announcement that it has won a worldwide injunction against Daewoo.

Future Power is the distributor of the E-Power PC, in a joint venture with Daewoo. The two companies were sued by Apple for trade dress infringement.

Apple's press release circulated last week said that worldwide injunctions had now been secured against Daewoo and eMachines, and that the court "also granted an injunction against Future Power's distribution of the E-Power computer".

Future Power says that Apple's announcement was misleading. An agreement has been reached between Apple and Daewoo that permits the sale of a version of the E-Power computer, with a silvery blue-coloured plastic.

The terms of the injunction, according to Future Power's lawyers, prevent Daewoo from selling E-Power PCs in Bondi Blue, Blueberry, Tangerine, Strawberry or Grape, Lime and Graphite, and the injunction only lasts for four years.

However, no settlement has been reached between Apple and Future Power, and the company intends to "vigorously contest" Apple's trade dress claims, according to Future Power's press release.

Bill Voecks, Future Power's General Manager, said: "The marketing of products made with colourful translucent plastic is a design trend that started with Swatch watches, beepers, CD players, and other consumer products several years before Apple jumped on the bandwagon with its iMac. Future Power does not believe that consumers should be forced to wait another four years before fashionable coloured computers become available to the vast majority of computer buyers who prefer a Windows operating system to the Macintosh operating system."