Apple is implementing a range of powerful new features to roll out in the next version of its Safari web browser.

These features include at least three designed to boost power surfing and usability, according to the latest Mars Report.

"Even though Firefox has enough cool extensions to keep a software addict fed from now until next year, none of them match the upcoming features Apple has cooked up for Safari 3.0 in Mac OS X 10.5," the blogger writes.

The in-depth report promises that the new version of the browser will continue to kick-start innovation in the browser market, putting it streets ahead of Internet Explorer.

In brief, these new features include:

- Support for resizeable text input boxes on websites - users will simply be able to click and drag text input fields into the size they want to use, without affecting a websites overall design.

- Enhanced tab support: users can drag and drop open tabs into whatever order they prefer. Users can also invoke a command to take all open windows and transform them into one window with each previous window available as a tab; you'll also be able to drag a tab out of a browser window to create a brand new window containing the relevant page.

- On-page search improvements: Mac users will already be familiar with how Spotlight search of System Preferences works - the Preferences window is dimmed, with potential query results highlighted by differing degrees of represented light. Now that's going to appear as a feature in Safari. When you search for a term on a page, the page will be dimmed and potential results will be highlighted with differing degrees of colour, representing search relevance.