Statz Software has released version 4 of its Mac-development environment, FutureBasic (FB).

FB is one of the few development languages for the Mac platform and is designed to redevelop old programs. Version 3 is backwards compatible with version 2.

The update gives access to the Mac Toolbox – a set of tools for Mac developers. Functions and procedures can be called directly into the source code, as if they were FB keywords.

FB is modular and independent of the target platform. FB4's runtime is written in FutureBasic. Different runtimes are included to address the needs of beginners, experienced programmers and engineers.

This development environment comes with a new Editor, featuring controlled text-styling of syntax items, automatic adjustable indenting of Basic structures, drag-&-drop support, live scrolling, and images can be incorporated into source code.

FB4 also introduces two tools to assist with code analysis.

It is sold as an annual subscription, which includes technical support, access to online resources and regular updates throughout the year. The subscription for new users costs £129, while renewals cost £89. Bulk and site licenses are also available.